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Haiti’s Martelly Attends Inter-American Red Cross Conference in Montrouis

Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly at the conference (Photo: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haitian President Michel Martelly attended the 19th Inter-American Conference of the Red Cross in Montrouis Wednesday.

The theme of this year’s conference, which is held every four years, focused on the theme “Reducing the gaps.” It aims to adopt a broad strategic action plan for the region for the next four years.

The conference began on Monday.

Attendees at the conference included Haitian lawmakers, the representatives of 35 National Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations and the President of the Supreme Court, among others.

Martelly said he hoped shared solidarity between Haiti and the Red Cross could help the country better cope with its problems.

“We are pleased to welcome our Red Cross colleagues to Haiti to share what we have learned in our recovery operation here as we all share some of the challenges faced in Haiti,” said Dr Michaele Amedee Gedeon, President of the Haitian Red Cross, before the conference.

According to Gedeon, a major priority for the organization currently is integrating violence prevention programmes in the country, particularly to stop domestic violence.

Martelly he was “convinced” of the Red Cross’ support for Haiti, and promised to work to establish mechanisms aimed at facilitating recovery steps taken by the organization.

The Red Cross’ work in Haiti was recently challenged by a film, “Haiti, Where Did the Money Go?”, which challenged the performance of the Red Cross and other international organizations in Haiti with regard to their disbursement of aid funds.

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