OAS Electoral Observation Mission Arrives in Belize Ahead of Vote

Above: Ambassador Frank Almaguer (OAS Photo/Juan Manuel Herrera)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Organization of American States Mission that will observe Belize’s election arrived in Belize City Thursday ahead of the March 7 vote.

Ambassador Frank Almaguer is leading the mission, which will be deployed for general and municipal elections.

“I am delighted to and honoured to lead this first-ever OAS/ECOM to Belize,” Almaguer said. “One of the guiding principles of this OAS/EOM is to help create an atmosphere of public trust and encourage citizen participation in the electoral process.”

Almaguer said he would be conducting interviews with electoral authorities, political and governmental representatives and members of the media and civil society.

The mission, which was installed Thursday, will present its findings in the days following the election.

Almaguer is the former US Ambassador to Honduras.


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