British Virgin Islands Artists Developing Strategies for United Kingdom Market


Above: a work by artist Reuben Vanterpool

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A joint programme from the British Virgin Islands London Office and the H Lavity Stoutt Community College is training artists in the territory in new strategies to prepare them for the UK market.

The partnership was established last week in advance of the upcoming BVI Art and Culture Show in London this summer.

“Participants will be able to benefit from invaluable information and advice about the art market in the United Kingdom,” said local artist Reuben Vanterpool, who is serving as the local coordinator for the initiative.

“It is hoped that this event will provide an affective rallying point for practicing artists that will result in consolidation of the presently fragmented artists groups and alignments into a single vibrant body,” he said.

Curator Ziggi Golding, a West Indian art expert living in London, will lead an artists’ workshop at the college from March 2 to March 6 and a public lecture on the Business of Art on March 4.

“The overall goal of the planned activities [is to] expand the marketability of BVI art locally, regionally and internationally, and to make initiatives like the BVI Art and Culture exhibition in London profitable for the artists and self funding,” according to London Office Director Kedrick Malone.