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Sweden to Help Trinidad and Tobago Restructure Statistical Office

Above: Public Administration Minister Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan ((Photo: MPA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago have finalized a contract to help modernize and restructure Trinidad’s Central Statistical Office.

The deal was signed with Statistics Sweden, a government agency that provides statistics.

“Strengthening, resourcing and reorganizing the Central Statistical Office to ensure the provision of accurate and meaningful information in a timely and efficient manner is essential to providing the statistical infrastructure and empirical information base for informing policy decision-making and planning for sustainable development,” the Ministry of Public Administration said in a statement.

Statistics Sweden will help the Ministry perform a study on the supply and demand of statistical information within and outside Trinidad, and provide the requisite human resources and technical expertise to help transform the organization’s structure.

The CSO project is being funded with the use of Inter-American Development Bank loan resources.

The first Swedish team will arrive in Trinidad on March 19.

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