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Haiti Could Move National Carnival to Another New City in 2013, Martelly Says

Above: Carnival in Les Cayes (Photo: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

After holding the country’s national carnival in Les Cayes this year for the first time, Haitian President Michel Martelly said he would like to see another city host the festival next year.

This year’s fete was the first time Haiti held its national carnival outside of Port-au-Prince. The celebrations saw more than 300,000 Haitian and foreign revelers, according to the Office of the President.

More than 100 were reported to have suffered injuries, however, though mostly minor, and the Associated Press reported one death.

Martelly was speaking during a courtesy visit to the Tropicana Adriana ship docked in Port-au-Prince.

The Cuba- based ship helped house almost 250 passengers during the weekend’s carnival facilities.

The President said the 2012 carnival would not have been successful without the involvement of concerned stakeholders.

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