Antigua and Barbuda’s National Football Team Gets New Name


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Antigua and Barbuda’s national football team has received a new name, following a nationwide text-voting campaign.

The club, which is ranked 90th in the world according to FIFA, is now the “Benna Boys.”

But while it’s now official, that name has, in fact, been in use for some time.

“We’ll just chalk it up to irony that the name chosen by the majority is the nickname by which the team is already known, and that, of course, speaks to music that is indigenous to us,” said Gordon Derrick, general secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association.

That name beat out the Beach Boys and the Iron Bandits.

The Benna Boys play their Group A qualifying match at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa against the United States on June 8.

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz and Guatemala join Antigua and the US in the group.


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