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St Lucia Looks to New Era of Diplomatic Relations with Argentina

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Argentina was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with St Lucia after it attained independence in 1979, and the two countries are looking forward to a continued partnership with a new Argentine Ambassador.

Ambassador Marcelo Salviolo presented his letters of credence to Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy last week.

“Argentina has a strong political commitment to strengthen ties with St Lucia and from there with all CARICOM countries,” Salviolo said.

The Ambassador mentioned the support his country’s police had given to the Caribbean over several decades in the effort to fight drug trafficking in particular.

“Unity among our people will ensure the defence of democratic institutions, defence of human rights and sustainable growth in the hemisphere,” he said.

Louisy said the two countries had worked together on a number of initiatives in the last decade, including Spanish-language training and joint projects in the agricultural sector.

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