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US Virgin Islands Governor Submits “Barker” Legislation to Senate

Above: USVI Governor John de Jongh

By the Caribbean Journal staff

On-street solicitors, commonly known in the US Virgin Islands as “barkers,” will face a number of restrictions under a proposed law submitted to the Senate by Governor John de Jongh.

The law would prohibit barkers from working at beaches unless they represent beach restaurants, and would also restrict them from soliciting on certain publicly-owned property, including street corners in designated historic districts.

“Many local business owners have conveyed to me their opinions that barkers working downtown and on our beaches can be a nuisance to tourists, and have a negative impact on the business environment,” de Jongh said. “The legislation I submitted addresses this concern, while preserving the rights of those who earn their living by soliciting for businesses.”

The proposal would not impact recently-enacted laws permitting and regulating on-street solicitations for companies selling timeshare real estate.

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