Jamaica: Tourism on a “Growth Path”


Above: the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall in Jamaica

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Jamaica’s tourism sector is on a growth path, and the government is now looking to fully capitalize on the opportunities that presents, according to Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill.

“What the team from the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment will be working on from here on, is to maximise the opportunities for all Jamaicans in the various ways going forward,” he said. “One way is to entice the millions of visitors who are now coming to our shores to spend more money on activities and engage our Jamaican brothers and sisters as the key elements in the chain.”

Increasing tourist spending was one issue McNeill spoke about in an interview with Caribbean Journal last month.

“In that way, we can ensure that the impact of tourism is felt across a wider cross-section of the economy, improving the lives of young persons,” he said.


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