Guyana’s President Ramotar: We Have to Stamp Out Piracy Immediately


Above: a forum with Guyanese fishermen and President Donald Ramotar (Photo: GINA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Guyanese President Donald Ramotar met today with a contingent of fishermen demanding justice and security following a spate of pirate attacks last weekend on the Pomeroon River.

Among those attending were victims of the attack on 15 boats, which ended with the fishermen being bound, beaten, robbed and abandoned at sea in sunken ships.

“We are putting a response in place, a response to what is taking place and I hope that this will be implemented immediately because this thing [piracy], we have to stamp it out immediately,” Ramotar said.

Some fishermen raised the possibility of applying to bear firearms, although Ramotar said it required consultation, and that it would be careless if “firearms are handed over the counter.”

Among the proposals were heightened policing at sea and helicopter reconnaissance.

Guyana’s Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre continues to monitor the Pomeroon and investigate the attacks.

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