Antigua, LIME Roll Out Laptop Programme for Country’s Teachers


Above: a teacher receives a laptop (Photo: ABG)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The government of Antigua, in collaboration with telecom LIME, has rolled out the third phase of its teacher laptop initiative, giving 500 teachers in the country a new high-speed laptop.

Antigua is not the only Caribbean country to distribute laptops in this way — Guyana’s One Laptop Per Family initiative, funded by China, aims to improve ICT development in that country in the same way.

The laptop initiative is part of the Technology for Education 20/20 Programme, which has three components: laptop distribution for all teachers in public and private primary and secondary schools, broadband internet connectivity for those teachers registered for the programme, and broadband internet hotspots at 22 secondary schools.

The second component will see all secondary schools get Wi-Fi internet, something the government announced at the end of last month.


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