Haiti, Venezuela Sign Cooperation Pact


Above: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Haitian President Michel Martelly

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haitian President Michel Martelly’s visit to the ALBA Summit in Caracas this weekend culminated in the signing of a cooperation agreement between Haiti and Venezuela.

The agreement increases aid to Haiti from Venezuela’s PetroCaribe fund, along with other forms of bilateral assistance.

Martelly’s trip to Venezuela included a meeting with Chavez and with newly-named Haitian Ambassador-at-large Sean Penn.

As part of the agreement, Venezuela, through cooperation with China, will open a number of appliance stores in Haiti to sell products at reduced prices.

The cooperation pact also covers a number of issues in the agricultural sector and an agreement by Venezuela to help attract investment in Haiti.

As part of the plan, the Foreign Ministers of ALBA will hold a working session in Jacmel, Haiti in March.

Haiti is currently an observer at ALBA.

Martelly is now in Panama for a similar visit.