Could Jamaica Lead Caribbean ICT?


Above: Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Jamaica is poised to become a major centre of Information and Communication Technology in the Western Hemisphere, according to Minister of Science, Technology and Mining Philip Paulwell.

“We are looking now for Jamaica to be the ICT capital in the Western Hemisphere, and with the infrastructure that we have, and is developing, there is no way why it ought not be the case,” Paulwell said on Friday. “We are very impressed with the continued high quality service that Jamaica continues to offer the world.”

Paulwell said that, in many cases, companies have sought more space for ICT expansion in Jamaica.

“They are looking to expand, they do see the environment emerging now that provides for greater government support, greater government leadership,” he said. “Jamaica is about to retake its position as the leading ICT destination in the Caribbean.”

Paulwell’s words follow State Minister Julian Robinson, who said last week that ICT remains the “great equaliser” in today’s world, presenting great opportunities to Jamaica for job creation.


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