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Jamaica’s Black River Plans for a Revival

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The capital of Jamaica’s St Elizabeth parish is looking to engineer a revival, with a plan to attract new investment and new businesses.

It’s the city of Black River which is the centre of those plans, a once-thriving town and one of Jamaica’s national heritage areas.

On Thursday, the city’s council moved to offer incentives to investors who wish to set up businesses there.

“What we are hoping is that this committee will develop a package of investment incentives that could stimulate investment in the town, so that people would want to come into Black River and invest,” said Black River Mayor Rohan Blake.

Black River became the capital of St Elizabeth in 1773 and was a frequent transport point for sugar and logwood.

The river, which was once called Rio Caobana by the Spanish, is now primarily used for shrimping and ecotourism.

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