British Virgin Islands Seeks to Reposition Tourism Sector


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The British Virgin Islands is looking at ways to reposition its tourism sector, including strengthening the “Brand BVI” product.

“Tourism provides business opportunities and jobs to many of our people, it increases the flow of money into the territory and it helps to keep the labour force vibrant,” said Premier Dr Orlando Smith. “If we are to reenergize our economy, tourism will have to play a critical and significant role.”

BVI’s government recently held discussions with stakeholders in the private and public sectors of the tourism industry, aimed at finding “amicable” ways of strengthening its tourism product through collaboration.

“I have said this before,” Smith said. “The time has come for the entire territory to adopt the mantra that — tourism is all our business. It must not just be the concern of the BVI Tourist Board and the Minister for Tourism.”

Smith said it was crucial to reposition the country’s tourism market to be competitive in the global marketplace; accordingly, the government has begun looking at new markets, including Canada and South America.

The latter, in particular, has been targeted by a number of Caribbean countries, like Jamaica, as they seek to find new tourism dollars.

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