Commissioner Promises More Changes for St Kitts and Nevis Police Force


Above, from left: Prime Minister Denzil Douglas and Police Commisioner CG Walwyn

By the Caribbean Journal staff

More changes are in store for the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force, according to Commissioner CG Walwyn, who has helped spearhead a renewed anti-crime battle in the federation in his four months on the job.

“As 2012 goes forward, there will be some other changes in the agency,” he said, pointing out that the first series of changes he made were met with initial skepticism.

“I heard the complaints,” he said. “But after 90 days, I am sure that those who were at the high point of criticizing, are now seeing the fruits of the change.”

Walwyn was speaking at a lecture honouring Assistant Commissioner Joseph Richardson, who is retiring after 33 years with the force.

“Over the last 60 days, the Gazetted Officers have positioned themselves behind me in the support of the initiatives I have introduced in the fight against crime in the federation, and the mission of taking our streets back from the thugs who are trying to destroy the safety and security of our nation,” he said.

Part of his work in 2012 will be restoring the community’s confidence in the police force, he said, something that is beginning to show signs of progress.

“That has changed and will continue to change in 2012,” he said.

The federation’s renewed anti-crime programme largely began in September, when Prime Minister Denzil Douglas assumed the responsibility for the Police and Defence forces, citing “shock and dismay” over a jump in crime at the time.

In October, the high-profile Delta Squad, a new anti-crime task force, began operations.

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