Grenadian Police Officers Obtain Bail


By Alexander Britell

The five Grenadian police officers charged with manslaughter in the death of visiting Canadian resident and Grenadian native Oscar Bartholomew obtained bail this morning, Director of Public Prosecution Christopher Nelson told Caribbean Journal.

While the prosecution objected to bail, it was granted by the Magistrate in the amount of $100,000 for each defendant.

According to the bail order, all of the officers will have to surrender their travel documents, and are to report once a week to the Criminal Investigation Department.

The bail will not take effect until Friday, Jan. 13. The next court appearance in the case is set for Jan. 27, when Nelson said he hoped the taking of evidence would begin.

Bartholomew’s family alleges that the police officers beat him and caused his death after he hugged a female plainclothes officer he thought was a longtime acquaintance.

Derick Sylvester, attorney for Bartholomew’s family, said he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit as well.

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