“Deep Introspection,” Regrouping Ahead for Jamaica Labour Party


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Following the landslide victory of the opposition People’s National Party in Thursday’s Jamaican election, the Jamaica Labour Party pledged to make “deep introspection” a priority, according to an email sent to supporters after the vote.

“The JLP has been given an opportunity to renew and chart a new course under the leadership of Andrew Holness,” said Delano Seiveright, president of G2K, the party’s young professional organization, in the email. “The Management Committee of G2K has already started a full and comprehensive analysis into yesterday’s general election loss.”

Seiveright said that while the JLP did much to address the myriad of economic, social and political challenges facing the country, “the voice of the electorate must be respected.”

“We are hopeful that the Simpson Miller-led administration will effectively confront them with the strong and responsible leadership required,” he said.

The group said the party would focus on three main priorities — deep introspection, a “full and comprehensive report” into what was “without a doubt, a huge loss by the JLP,” and a commitment to regroup and rebuild the JLP and to “ensure that the PNP does not erase the gains made by the JLP government.”


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