St Kitts Completes Solar Panel Project


Above: the panels on the roof of the government’s headquarters (Photo: Erasmus Williams)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A project to install solar panels at government headquarters in St Kitts has been completed.

The project, which has been part of what Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas said was a commitment to renewable energy, will be officially unveiled at a ceremony tomorrow featuring Douglas and Taiwanese Ambassador to St Kitts and Nevis Miguel Tsao.

The panel initiative was funded by the Taiwanese government.

The government wants to achieve at least 60 percent of its energy generation from green energy by 2015.

The twin-island federation has seen several green initiatives recently, including a burgeoning geothermal project and already-functioning wind farm on Nevis.

The panels will also be installed at St Kitts’ Newtown Ground Demonstration Farm Project.