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Grenadian Prime Minister Concerned over Continued Industrial Strike

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas said he was concerned over the ongoing industrial action involving Grenada Breweries Limited.

The Prime Minister also said he did not authorize, advise, or attempt to influence the Special Services Unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force to intervene in the strike, which saw the police arrest Sen. Chester Humphrey, leader of the Technical and Allied Workers Union.

Thomas said his administration respects “the independence of the Royal Grenada Police Force to make decisions in the interest of upholding law and order in Grenada.”

“We continue our efforts to work with all sides to achieve an amicable resolution to the impasse,” Thomas said. “We must ensure that ordinary Grenadians who depend on the economic activity over the Christmas season for a livelihood are not adversely affected.”

Thomas acknowledged the right of workers to withold their labor, but said the rights of “all parties” must be respected.

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