Grenadian Labour Minister Concerned over Arrest of Union Leader


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenadian Labour Minister Glynis Roberts said she was concerned about any action that could worsen the industrial climate at the Grenada Breweries Limited, following the arrest by police of Senator Chester Humphrey, leader of the Technical and Allied Workers Union.

Negotiations had been ongoing between the TAWU and the management of the brewery, ultimately leading to a deal for workers to return Monday night.

They agreed to return to work while discussion on their wage dispute continued.

“At this point, I do not know exactly what would have caused the police to arrest Senator Humphrey,” Roberts said. “But it is always of deep concern when police intervene in workers’ disputes and arrest anyone, particularly a union leader. It’s not something that’s treated lightly.”

Despite that, Roberts said prospects for a deal between the sides were “looking good.”

The Minister said she hoped the arrest did not push the talks into a “full-blown strike.”

Carib Beer is brewed at GBL.

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