Grenada Begins Regular Canada Flights


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada inaugurated its first regularly-scheduled direct flights to Canada this week, a “history-making” occasion for the country, according to Tourism Minister Peter David.

The flight originates in Port of Spain, but is a direct connection from St Georges to Toronto that is now on the permanent schedule.

Charters airlines have seasonal schedules between St George’s and Toronto, the but the new deal, which was negotiated by Grenadian tourism officials affords for the fixed commercial schedule.

The new service is twice weekly on Caribbean Airlines.

“For us, it’s a wonderful day and a good boost to our tourism industry, and anything that is good for tourism is good for Grenada,” Gilbert said. “Getting into the Canadian market directly is a hopeful sign and wonderful Christmas gift for Grenadians in the Diaspora as well as prospective Canadian visitors.”

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