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Solar Project to Power Guyana’s Remote Amerindian Communities

Above: a building in the hinterlands equipped with solar panels (Photo: GINA)

Guyana to Begin Solar Pilot Project

Guyana’s Hinterland Electrification Unit is preparing to install the first 1,000 solar panels as part of a pilot programme in the country.

The unit, which is based at the Office of the Prime Minister, has trained 355 villagers from 184 hinterland communities ahead of the programme.

The panels are already in the country, and the Unit is awaiting the arrival of supporting materials; another 10,000 panels are expected to arrive in December, according to Horace Williams, head of the HEP.

The project is a part of Guyana’s drive to tap renewable sources of energy, along with helping bring electricity to the country’s remote Amerinidian communities.

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