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IDB Speeds Up Caribbean Broadband

Above: the Inter-American Development Bank

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Inter-American Development Bank is partnering with CANTO, the Caribbean’s leading trade association for Information and Communication Technology, to accelerate the development of broadband in the region.

“Facilitating ICT solutions in the Caribbean through innovative partnerships with leading international organizations and [the] private sector [is] the only way to go,” said Amir Dossal of the Broadband Commission ITU.

Dossal was speaking at the CANTO-IDB Broadband Forum in Miami last week.

The IDB has a strong mandate to provide the region with technical and other assistance to support the acceleration of broadband usage, according to Flora Painter, Chief of the Science and Technology Division of the IDB.

According to a report by the World Bank’s infoDev group in September, St Kitts and Nevis has the highest broadband subscription rates in the Caribbean.

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