IDB Loans Jamaica $90M for Energy

Above: the wind farm at Wigton in Jamaica

The Inter-American Development will be loaning $90 million to Jamaica to improve energy efficiency, according to Energy Minister Clive Mullings.

“We need to look, in a sustained way, on how we can replace some of the hydrocarbons that are utilised in our air conditioning units and in our refrigerants, to see how best we can bring down the cost of energy in our homes and our businesses,” he said.

The loan includes an initial $20 million drawdown aimed at covering institutional strengthening, energy efficiency and conservation, with a focus on lighting and air conditioning.

It also includes $1.2 million to be set aside for demand-side management, energy efficiency and demand conservation.

“We must implement the strategies that take will revolutionise our domestic consumption patterns, manufacturing and productive processes,” he said. “This includes renewable energy, natural gas and all the possibilities, because we cannot afford to put all our eggs in one basket, as we have done before.”

–Jamaica Information Service


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