Caribbean Statisticians Meet in Belize


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Caribbean’s statisticians are holding fort for three days in Belize City this week, aiming to harmonise statistical systems within the region.

“Statistics are at the very heart of almost everything we do,” said Dr Philomen Harrison, CARICOM’s project director for regional statistics. “The crucial role of statistics in development, and specifically in the daily lives of all persons of our community, must be underscored, particularly as we seek to compete with other countries and regions of the world.”

The meeting of the Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians will look at a series of programmes, including a report on the progress of statistics on the International Trade in Services in the region.

Harrison also mentioned the recent statistical tragedy in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in which most of the country’s census data was destroyed in a fire, meaning the country will have to organize a total redo of its population count.

According to Dr Philomen Harrison, CARICOM’s project director for regional statistics, almost all completed questionnaires in St Vincent and the Grenadines were destroyed by the fire, including from water damage during the outing of the fire.

CARICOM has begun contacting a series of agencies in order to assist St Vincent in its task.