Golding Could Depart Before November


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Despite media reports suggesting an earlier departure, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding said he maintained his position as to when he would leave office.

However, Information Minister Daryl Vaz said that if Minister Andrew Holness, the leading pick for party leader, remains unopposed on Oct. 19, the date when nominations are closed, Golding could make arrangements to demit office.

In that situation, “it is very likely that thereafter the Prime Minister would make arrangements to demote office, in a smooth and timely transition,” Vaz said. “It is not his intention to stay to the last day.”

The Prime Minister has said he would step down when a new party leader was elected, but that will not happen before Oct. 19.

“There is a procedure and a structure in that process, and therefore, until nominations are closed on Oct. 19, nominations are open for all those aspirants who may have a desire,” said Information Minister Daryl Vaz. “It is looking, based on what has been transpiring, that there will be only one nomination. It is still early days, but his original statement was that when a new leader is elected.”

According to Vaz, nominations close Oct. 19, and Nov. 19 would be the date when a new leader would be elected.


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