In Cayman, a Turtle Gets New Life


Above: the turtle was returned to safety with a bit of persuasion. (Photo: Cayman GIS)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A joint operation by Cayman Police and the Department of Environment thwarted poachers who had tied up a 200-pound female green turtle.

Cayman Police had become suspicious after spotting a wave runner that had a large object tied to its front.

The vehicle was later stopped by the RCIPS’ marine unit, ultimately finding the turtle after a land and sea search. With a bit of convincing, police managed to rescue the turtle.

“It was quite a struggle convincing the 200 pound turtle that I was bringing her to safety as she continually tried to bite me,” said the department’s Chief Conservation Officer, Mark Orr. “Once out of the cove, I first made sure she did not have any injuries before releasing her.”

Officials have saved two turtles from poachers this month in Cayman, with another attempt rescuing a 375-pound green turtle which was laying eggs.

It’s part of a Caribbean-wide struggle to fight off turtle poachers, something also at the forefront in Nevis.

“We cannot be everywhere and thus rely heavily on information from the public,” he said.

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