Guyana Spends $92M on Health, Energy


Above: Parliament in Guyana (Photo: Guyana)

Guyana has spent $92 million on improvements to its healthcare and electricity sectors in the first half of 2011, Finance Minister Ashni Singh announced yesterday.

The government is working on improving the health infrastructure in the country, looking to improve healthcare training and make more services available.

On the electricity side, the country is financing several projects, including a headline $42 million infrastructure for Guyana Power and Light.

The plan also includes the installation of 11,000 solar systems to homes in the country’s hinterlands. The first batch of 2,750 panels is expected to arrive in November, with the remainder on the way in January.

As part of the health plan, Guyana has seen 150 new clinical and technical health personnel graduate this year, along with 157 professionals completing a management development programme.

The initiative could see improved healthcare access for nearly 7,000 people, according to the ministry.

–Guyana Information Agency


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