OAS: Involve Small States in G20 Talks


Above: OAS Assistant Secretary-General Albert Ramdin (Photo: OAS)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The time has come for small states and smaller economies like those in the Caribbean to be involved in the delibrations of the G20 economic summit, OAS Assistant Secretary General Ambassador Albert Ramdin said Friday.

“It is in the interest of all to be inclusive and not exclusive,” he said. “In this interdependent world, the voices of small economies must be represented at this level as discussions progres on measures to address economic issues. Small economies need to be represented at the global table.”

Trinidad Finance Minister Winston Dookeran has called for the International Monetary Fund to pay special attention to small states as well.

“Recent developments have revealed the additional frailties and vulnerabilities of small states to natural disasters and financial collapse,” he said. “Small states everywhere are facing specific challenges that deserve greater attention at the international level.”


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