Reaching Beyond Nevis, West Indies Power Explores Geothermal in Dominica


Above: West Indies Power CEO Kerry McDonald (Photo: Caribbean Journal)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

West Indies Power, which is already in the process of bringing geothermal power to Nevis, has been given approval by the government of Dominica for an Environmental Impact Assessment, which will enable the company to begin exploratory “slim hole” drilling in the island’s Soufriere Valley.

The assessment was conducted to determine conditions of the geothermal reservoir in the area.

“West Indies Power is pleased to have been granted the right to be able to begin drilling in Soufriere,” said CEO Kerry McDonald, who last month showed Caribbean Journal the company’s operations at the foot of Nevis Peak in this video.

According to McDonald, for years people have suspected that there is a geothermal reservoir in the area.

The Dominica Government Information Service contributed to this article.


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