Bahamian AG Drops Charges against American Baseball Player Garrett Wittels


Garrett Wittels (FIU Photo/Samuel Lewis)

The Bahamian Attorney General dropped rape charges on American collegiate baseball player Garrett Wittels, according to his attorney, Richard Sharpstein. “It’s over,” Sharpstein said. “The fact lady has sung in the Bahamas.” The attorney general entered a nolle prosequi (no prosecution) motion this morning. “The negative and drastic effect on Garrett is unquestionable and can’t be compensated for,” Sharpstein said. “We have every confidence he’ll be able to get back and slug his way to the major leagues at some point.” Wittels, a student at Florida International University, had received national attention in the United States before the charges due to a 56-game batting streak. [Miami Herald]