Buju Banton’s Motion for New Trial: Attorney Argues a Lack of Substantial Evidence of Conspiracy

David Markus and Buju Banton

We have obtained the motion by Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton filed by attorney David Markus. According to the 18-page motion (attached below), Banton moves for acquittal on several grounds, including Count 3, in which he claims that there was insufficient evidence to establish that a firearm was used during the transaction, , or that Banton could foresee a firearm being used. Further, Markus argued that the government did not present “substantial evidence,” as required, that a conspiracy existed. On Count 4, the telephone count, the court reserved ruling at the end of the government’s case. As for the entrapment defense, Markus argued that the government failed to offer evidence sufficient to permit a jury to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Banton was predisposed to engage in the charged misconduct. We will keep you updated as to the developments. Banton also filed a motion for bond pending his appeal. See the new trial motion here.


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